Urban Context and Character Study

The documents linked below were produced in 2014 to support the Local Plan.

The documents for the whole borough can be found here.

The Council website tells us the following about the documents

“The draft Urban Context and Character Study published with the Local Plan Proposed Submission in March 2014 has now been updated and is now published as part of the Local Plan evidence base to support the Local Plan Submission document.”

The documents linked here are the ones directly relevant to Osterley and Spring Grove. It will be very helpful to study them before the meeting on 6 December. We should also read the documents on produced for the long-term future development of this part of the borough. These will be linked in the next couple of days.

The following documents from the Council’s  Urban Context and Character Study are the ones most useful to us.

  1. Introduction
  2. Borough-wide context 1
  3. Borough-wide context 2
  4. Borough-wide context 3
  5. Osterley and Spring Grove
  6. Great West Road
  7. Urban types
  8. Conclusions
  9. Appendices