The Tesco/Homebase development

This is the largest housing project, by far, that has ever been announced for the Osterley area. The initial figures are, to say the least, striking: 1650 homes on the Tesco site and 500 on the Homebase site. Clearly this is a massive project and residents have every right to expect that it is done in a way which both provides good quality homes for the long term and which respects the character of the area. Having an influence over a project of that size is no easy matter. Clearly very big money is involved as are political interests too (in the sense that the GLA and Hounslow Council are keen to meet their housing targets).

The developer has held a number of exhibitions to explain current thinking about the project. If you could not get to the exhibitions or would like to revisit the information you can get the exhibition boards here.

More generally the developer has set up a website for the development.

The website contains a poll about which we have some doubts. We have analysed it in this document which you might like to read before you consider whether you want to participate in the poll or not.


  • Wednesday 20 November, 7.30 – 9.00 pm
  • St Francis of Assisi Church
  • 865 Great West Road, TW7 5PD


You can download the flyer for the meeting here.