The Bolder Academy

Update (04/08/2017). The planning application for the Bolder Academy was approved by Hounslow Planning Committee on 3 August 2017.

The applicant has submitted some responses to our concerns about the traffic and transport issues but they have still not been adequately addressed, and all our original concerns still stand (lack of 2nd access route in addition to MacFarlane Lane, concerns about safety for children arriving at and leaving the school, question marks over the long-term viability and safety of using the Tesco car park for Park & Stride, traffic volume on Syon Lane and at Gillette Corner).

The OWGRA response to the Council is available below. You can use the OWGRA response to help you formulate your response. If you don’t have the time to write a detailed response it would be useful if you just wrote to say that you have read the OWGRA response and wish to support it. Feel free, of course, to add any points of your own.

The easiest way to submit your comments is to e-mail them to making sure that you put the planning reference in the subject box of the email (P/2017/1417), give your full details (name and home address) and state clearly whether your purpose is to approve or object to the application in question. It would be useful if you could let us have a copy of your response (sent to More information is available HERE.

We suspect that this planning application may be considered by the Planning Committee on 3 August.

The details for the application submission are given below.

System Reference: P/2017/1417
Planning Reference: 01106/W/P9

The applicant is the Educational Funding Agency

The agent for the application is
Mr Adam Pyrke on behalf of Cushman & Wakefield
Telephone: 02032963000
Address: 125 Old Broad Street London EC2N 1AR

The Hounslow case officer for this application is Kiri Shuttleworth
Tel: 020 8583 4942

The files for the application are now on the planning website (perhaps, see below). We have listed them below to help residents viewing them find the files they most want to look at. The file descriptions in bold are copied without change from the planning website. The information in brackets has been added by OWGRA. All these files are available on the Council’s planning website but we have uploaded the key files, or special interest files, here (highlighted in red) for your convenience.

CONSULTATION. Some residents, but far too few, have received consultation letters. We are asking for residents in all the streets which will be substantially affected to be consulted and therefore that the consultation be restarted.

OWGRA’s RESPONSE. There are many questionable features of this application but there is no time to take most of them up with any real chance of influencing the process. We think that the issue directly impacting on most residents are the traffic arrangements for the school. We have read the Transport Assessment for the application (available below). You can download a summary of our concerns HERE. This may help you to formulate the responses to the application that you send in. If you don’t have the time to write a detailed response it would be useful if you just wrote to say that you have read the OWGRA response and wish to support it. Feel free, of course, to add any points of your own. It would be useful if you could let us have a copy of your response.

Latest documents relating to Transport problems (July)

For advice on different ways of commenting on a planning application click HERE.

The list of submission 73 documents in the covering letter for the application does not match in any obvious way with the 36 files on the website.

1. Design and Access Statement [13.5 Mb, 98 pages]
2. Existing Plans [139 KB, 2 pages, drawings]
3. Flood Risk Assessment [1.1 MB, 13 pages]
4. Landscape Plan [11.5 Mb, 6 plan drawings]
5. Landscape Plan [18.1 MB, 138 pages]
6. Location Plan [1.5 MB, 1 page, drawing]
7. Perspective Drawings [11 MB, 5pages, drawings]
8. Planning Application Form [225 KB, 8 pages]
9. Planning Statement [1.2 MB, 46 pages]
10. Proposed Block [2.4 MB, 1 page, drawing]
11. Proposed Other – Demolition Plan [401 KB, 1 page, drawing]
12. Proposed Other – Schematic Drainage Plan [7.1 MB, 3 pages, drawings]
13. Proposed Plans  [9.9 MB, 17 pages, drawings]
14. Statement Other – Air Quality Assessment [1.6 MB, 22 pages]
15. Statement Other – Arboricultural Impact [11.4 MB, 74 pages]
16. Statement Other – Archaelogicial Assessment [3.8 MB, 63 pages]
17. Statement Other – Contamination Desk Study [6.8 MB, 191 pages]
18. Statement Other – Drainage Strategy [7.3 MB, 28 pages]
19. Statement Other – Ecological Appraisal [1.6 MB, 41 pages]
20. Statement Other – Energy Statement [1.8 MB, 49 pages]
21. Statement Other – Landscape Mgmt & Mainten [120 KB, 11 pages]
22. Statement Other – M&E Utilities Feasibilit [1 MB, 25 pages]
23. Statement Other – Noise Assessment [2.9 MB, 82 pages]
24. Statement Other – Planting Plan [1.3 MB, 3 pages, drawings]
25. Statement Other – Site Sequential Assessment [716 KB, 46 pages]
26. Statement Other – St of Community Involvement [4.1 MB, 31 pages]
27. Statement Other – Travel Plan [3.6 MB, 43 pages]
28. Statement Other – Unexploded Ordinance-UXO [500 KB, 4 pages]
29. Statement Other – Ventilation Statement [570 KB, 9 pages]
30. Supporting Information –  BREEAM Pre Assessment [753 KB, 76 pages]
31. Supporting Information – Drainage Assessment Form [640 KB, 8 pages]
32. Supporting Information – External Lighting Strate [4.5 MB, 62 pages]
33. Supporting Information – Tracking Vehicles [10.8 MB, 8 pages, drawings]
34. Sustainability Statement [844 KB, 36 pages]
35. Transport Assessment [4.5 MB, 70 pages]
36. Transport Assessment [37.6 MB, 486 pages]