The OWGRA Committee, together with representatives from several other local Residents Associations, attended a meeting with the developer for these sites (St. Edward -a trading division of the Berkeley Group) on Tuesday, 24th September, together with Tony Louki, one of our local councillors. We met with senior representatives from the developer, including the group’s founder and chairman, Tony Pidgley.

St. Edward presented their ideas for the re-development of the Tesco and Homebase sites and emphasized their desire to consult with, and to work with, local residents and Residents Associations. We confirmed our readiness to work with them, but emphasized the need for openness, trust, mutual respect and compromise from both sides if we are to arrive at a design for these developments that both

  • Meets the commercial objectives of the developer and
  • Results in a development that is an asset to the Osterley area that both respects, and is in harmony with, the essential nature of the Osterley area.


As a start to the consultation with residents, the developer is holding two public exhibitions over the next two weeks. To promote these they have been distributing a flyer enclosed below. Both exhibitions run from 18:00 – 21:00 and are on

  • Thursday, 3rd October at the Marlborough Primary School on London Road and
  • Tuesday, 8th October at the Nishkam School on Syon Lane.

These two developments will have a bigger impact on the area than anything else we are aware of over the next 10-15 years. We want to make sure that impact is clearly a positive impact. Please therefore make the time to attend, see the ideas from the developer and then provide your feedback to them (and also to us, so we can be sure we are reflecting your views when we talk to the developer). In considering your response, please note that LB Hounslow, in their latest Local Plan, have designated the two sites to be developed as follows

  • Tesco site (350 residential units plus 780 sq m of retail space)
  • Homebase site (340 residential units plus 2750 sq m of retail space).

These figures represent the local authority’s initial view of an acceptable level of development for these sites.

Please also note that the “Consultation Centre” will open in the Tesco Car Park from Saturday, 12th October (opening hours are in the flyer below). If you cannot attend either of the Public Exhibitions, then please go along to the Consultation Centre when you can.

It is very important to us, as your Residents Association, that we do represent your views accurately. So please, once you have seen what the developer is proposing, do let us know what your views are, by contacting us on info@orgra.org.uk

St Edwards Flyers for the Exhibitions/Consultation