Reporting Problems in the area

Too many of us don’t do anything when we see something not right, or say “someone should do something about that”. Please, if you spot something that is not right (e.g. overfull litter bins, fly-tipping, illegal parking), then don’t ignore it, REPORT IT!

If you don’t report it, don’t assume someone else will. If we are all proactive in reporting problems then we will see improvements in our environment. Here is how you can contact the relevant authorities to report common problems.

Abandoned Mobikes     0330 131 9789
Abandoned Tesco shopping trolleys Download and use the app from ; or Twitter @trolleywise   0800 505555 (option 6, then 4, then 2)
Abandoned vehicles 020 8583 2000/5555
ASB (anti-social behaviour)  and alert your Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator 101
Bike Theft Register your bike on this website ; you can report a stolen bike here too.  
Crime  and alert your Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator 101 (non-urgent) or 999 (emergency)
Dangerous driving (caught on DashCam) If you have a dash cam in your car you can send evidence of dangerous driving directly to the police.  
Dog fouling 020 8583 2000/5555
Estate Agent “Let By” or “Sold” signs Signs should be removed after the transaction is completed. If you see any remaining, forward the location (address) and photos (if possible) to Councillor Louki on  
Fly-tipping on private land 020 8583 2000/5555
Fly-tipping on public land 020 8583 2000/5555
Graffiti 020 8583 2000/5555
Litter and full litter bins 020 8583 2000/5555
Noise (Fri & Sat night, 10pm-4am)   020 8583 2222
Overhanging vegetation on pavement 020 8583 2000/5555
Overhanging vegetation on Great West Road   0343 222 1234
Parking violations     020 8583 5451/2
Planning infringements, eg suspected illegal HMOs (houses in multiple occupancy), beds in sheds, eyesores    
Pot holes, ponding, uneven pavements 020 8583 2000/5555
Problems in parks, including fly-tips there , go to ‘parks, allotments, cemeteries and open spaces’   020 8583 2000/5555
Refuse and recycling collection information (including missed bin collections)    020 8583 2000/5555
Street lights (faulty) 020 8583 2000/5555
Street signs (obscured) 020 8583 2000/5555
Suspected untaxed/untested vehicles  
Traffic lights (faulty) 0343 222 1234