Past planning submissions

NISHKAM BALLSTOP NETTING (Application underway)

Ballstop netting (submission November 2018)

190A JERSEY ROAD (Application and Appeal Refused)

Redevelopment of unapproved dwelling into 2-storey house (October 2018)

305 JERSEY ROAD (Application Refused)

Redevelopment of house into flats (submission October 2018)

100 JERSEY Road (BRENTFORD FC TRAINING GROUND) (Application underway)

Redevelopment (submission October 2018)

HARLEQUIN AVENUE (Application Accepted)

New office block (submission October 2018)

OAKLEY CLOSE (Application and Appeal Refused)

Redevelopment of garden into block of flats (July 2018)

ADINI (Application Refused, Appeal underway)

Flats and offices (submission January 2018)

Shisha Lounge (Osterley Hotel), Application refused, appeal underway

Shisha Lounge March 2018


Bolder Academy (submission April 2017)

Bolder Academy – report of Planning Committee meeting


Gillette South (submission January 2017)

Gillette South – documents, recording of public meeting

Gillette South – delegated report

Gillette South – decision notice