OWGRA responds to Adini application

The Adini site is marked in red

OWGRA members have been working hard to produce a response to the Adini application to develop the Adini site. We have now completed that response and you can obtain a copy HERE.

The official deadline for responses is Friday 26th January 2018 but don’t worry if you are too late for that. The planning officer will accept responses up to the time the report on the application is prepared for the Planning Committee. That is usually 10 days or so before the Planning Committee meets. If the application goes to the Planning Committee on 8th February you will need to get your comments in by Monday 29th January. You can check when the agendas appear HERE.

There are two separate applications involved. One is to develop a four-storey block of 16 flats and the other is for a new Adini building.

If you want to look at the application papers then you will need the system

The current Adini building

reference numbers when you go to the planning website. Those numbers are:

  • P/2017/5079 (Office building)
  • P/2017/5069 (block of flats)

If you have never responded to a planning consultation before then you can get details on how to do this HERE.

If you agree with our response then you could just write a short note to say that but you are free, of course, to agree or disagree and add points of your own.