OWGRA Questionnaire – Autumn 2016

OWGRA is the association representing the residents of Osterley and Wyke Green and broadly includes most of the roads between Jersey Road in the north, Syon Lane in the east, London Road in the south and Lampton Corner to the west.

In order to have a thriving residents’ association, we need members, i.e. local residents, who care about our community to get involved and tell us what they think. Within the next few months we will be building our membership. To fund the activities of OWGRA we are proposing an annual subscription of £5 per person (to be paid in the spring).

We plan to keep residents informed of what’s happening in the area via newsletters and public meetings. Subjects which seem to be of concern include building and road developments (including pavements and pot holes), policing and crime, traffic and public transport (including road humps and speed limits), local amenities (eg children’s play areas, tree planting, hedge cutting), litter, local health services, etc.

We have very good contact with our ward councillors and meet them on a regular basis.

To represent the views of residents we need to find out what is important to you, what concerns you and what problems you face. Please therefore answer the questions below to help us serve you and the community in Osterley.


1. What are the 3 most important issues affecting where you live in Osterley (in order of priority)?
We are starting to build a database of addresses to which we can send e-newsletters, so please give your contact details here if you would like to be on this list. Your details will in no circumstances be passed on to any third party without your explicit agreement.