OWGRA 2019 AGM + Presentations from LBH and Osterley Park

OWGRA held its Annual General Meeting at Isleworth & Syon Boys School on, Thursday, 23rd May. Around 100 residents attended. The meeting started with two presentations from guests.
The first of these was a presentation from Niall Bolger, the new Chief Executive of the London Borough of Hounslow. He gave an insightful presentation on the council, starting with the financial status of the council (stable, but needing to make savings as it has seen a sizable fall in income from central government) and the steadily rising demand for their services (e.g. the need for 14,500 new homes in the borough by 2024). He then detailed the council priorities for the coming years
  • that residents will be at the heart of what the council does
  • that people have good homes and pleasant neighbourhoods
  • that people proud to live and work in the borough
  • that businesses to flourish and local people enjoy good quality local jobs
  • that children reach their full potential
  • that people are safe in the borough
  • that residents are health, active and socially connected
  • that residents receive the right help and support.
He emphasized that this required a partnership between the council, their staff and residents. He then took a series of questions from attendees at the meeting, supported by Steve Curran, the Council Leader as required.
Niall Bolger’s presentation:
After a refreshment break, the meeting them moved on to a presentation from Lyndsey Feeney, from the National Trust team that manage Osterley Park. She explained how they have ambitious plans to increase the usage of the Park and its facilities and make it a more important part of the local amenities enjoyed by the residents of the borough. She explained the work underway to define these plans and the fascinating information they have been discovering about the history of the park. She then took questions from the audience.
Presentation by Lindsey Feeney
The meeting thanked both Niall Bolger and Lyndsey Feeley for their informative presentations and Q&A responses and then moved on to the OWGRA AGM. The Chairman’s report detailing the activities of OWGRA over the last year, and the Treasurer’s report on the financial status of the association were presented to the meeting. The committee for the 2019/20 year were then elected. These members are
  • Chairman – Cliff Assi
  • Vice-Chairman – Laurence Hawcroft
  • Membership Secretary – Ed Locke
  • Planning Officer – Sheila O’Reilly
  • Webmaster – David Pavett
  • Communications Officer – Cecilia Hodgson
  • Street Rep Coordinator – Lis Guest
  • Treasurer – Ian Speed.
All are continuations from last year, apart from the Treasurer which is a new appointment. The positions of Social Secretary (to organise social events for the community), an Events Officer (to organise public meetings) and Publicity/Advertising/Fund-Raising Officer remain unfilled from last year, and the Secretary position is now also open. The outgoing committee then thanked the outgoing Secretary for her hard work with presents as a token of their thanks. The meeting concluded with thanks from the audience for the work of the OWGRA committee.
Laurence Hawcroft