Oakley Close planning application

Note (16th July). This application was refused at the planning committee meeting of 7th August 2017. The grounds for refusal were

“1. The proposed design is of a low quality and would not relate well to the surrounding townscape. For this reason the building would appear incongruous and harmful to the appearance of the area. It is therefore not considered to comply with adopted Local Plan Policies CC1 (Context and Character) and CC2 (Urban Design and Architecture).

“2. The proposal would not offer private outdoor space for 4 of the proposed flats and a bedroom in each flat would be single aspect and north facing. Furthermore disabled access is poor. For these reasons the flats would offer inadequate living conditions for future residents. It is therefore not considered to comply with adopted Local Plan Policies CC1 (Context and Character) and CC2 (Urban Design and Architecture) and SC5 (Ensuring Suitable Internal and External Space).

“3. The proposed access road is not within the site boundary as defined by the redline on the applicant’s location plan, it is therefore unclear whether this could be used lawfully. A swept path analysis would be required to demonstrate the proposed new access road is suitable for service vehicles and would not prejudice the operation of the existing highway. Insufficient information has therefore been provided to demonstrate that the proposals comply with Local Plan Policy EC2 (Developing a Sustainable Local Transport

News (July 2017). The planning application for a block of 6 flats in Oakley Close has been recommended for refusal by the Planning Officers at the Council.

An application has been put in to develop a three-storey block containing six flats with associated cycle and car parking at the back of Oakley Close off Thornbury Rd. behind the set of garages which themselves are behind the block containing Nos 76-98 at the far end of the close. This is on land technically belonging to No 17 Burlington Road. The planning application reference at the council is 01437/B/P1 and the system number is P/2017/1305; the officer handling the case is George Clarke. If you search on the council’s website under this reference or under Oakley Close in the road box you should be able to find it.
OWGRA is objecting to the application on the following grounds:

  • The proposed access road down to the garages is too narrow to accommodate two-way traffic, not to mention emergency and refuse vehicles.
  • The proposed access road is also too narrow to accommodate vehicular access and a pavement leading from the proposed development into Oakley Close. This presents a health and safety risk to pedestrians using the proposed access road. Even the applicants admit there is no new pedestrian access proposed.
  • The proposed access road is unsuitable to accommodate use by people with disabilities.
  • Additional resident cars in the development, will add to the current parking in Oakley Close.
  • Additional resident cars in the development who park in the proposed access road, will cause bottlenecks and traffic problems for existing users of the garages and other residents.
  • To accommodate for vehicular/pedestrian access to the proposed site substantial hedging/screening/trees would need to be removed.
  • The bin storage for the existing flats (76-98) opens outwards into the existing access road. Passing vehicles, whilst residents are emptying their refuse, can present a health and safety risk to residents exiting the refuse area.
  • There are no adequate plans for sewage removal.
  • The proposed development of 6 flats represents an unacceptable development of a site that would provide cramped living accommodation. There is no internal provision for people with disabilities
  • There is a restrictive covenant on the property of 17 Burlington Road which states the ‘any permanent building’ should not be erected on the land.

OWGRA urges you to contact Mr Clarke at George.Clarke@hounslow.gov.uk or to use the planning application comment box on the council’s planning website, or e-mail planningcomments@hounslow.gov.uk, quoting the relevant planning reference number. if you would like to write opposing the development quoting these or any other acceptable reasons you can see from your position as local residents. Please also contact OWGRA if you have any further queries or issues with the plans on the council’s website which we may be able to help you with.

See also page on how to comment on planning applications HERE.