Nishkam School Building Works

Schedule & Newletters

The building of the Nishkam School on the White Lodge site along Syon Lyon started November 2016. This is a major development and therefore it is very important that all the agreed protocols for carrying the work as “considerate contractors”.

The building schedule (indicating noise and traffic disruptions) is given in the chart below.

The contractor has agreed to keep us up to date with work on the site and any arrangements which may affect residents. This information is in the form of Newsletters and occasional notices which we publish as soon as we receive them.

  1.  Newsletter No.1 (Nov 2016) from the contractor (BAM) on roadworks to be carried out (received early November 2016). This was delivered to households around the site. To read the Newsletter click HERE.
  2. Newsletter No.2 (Dec 2016) from the contractor (BAM) with an update on recent progress and what is next in the programme. Delivered just before Christmas 2016. To read the Newsletter click HERE.
  3. Newsletter No.3 (Jan 2017) from the contractor (BAM) reached us on Friday 27th January. It contains information about the road works along Syon Lane. To read the Newsletter click HERE.
  4. Newsletter No.4 (Feb 2017) from the contractor (BAM) contains more information about the Syon Lane works and also a note about the environment and liaising with the local community through OWGRA. To read the Newsletter click HERE.
  5. Newsletter No.5 (March 2017) from the contractor (BAM) gives details of the road and footpath adaptions to Syon Lane, the steel frame erection (now complete and reflects the mass of the building), the work with concrete slabs and underground drainage and service duct. To read the Newsletter click HERE.
  6. Newsletter No.6 (April 2017) from the contractor (BAM). Works to complete Syon Lane road and footpaths [once dates agreed with Hounslow Highways]. For this traffic management to be redeployed. Metal roof decking will be completed. Concrete topping works to the upper floor levels to be completed. Next month: roof waterproofing works; internal building services installation. To read the Newsletter click HERE.
  7. Newletter No 7. Wood Lane road closure (June 2017). Wood Lane will be close from 26th June 2017 to 5th August 2017. Full details are available HERE. Supplementary information including specifics about houses affected HERE.
  8. Newletter No.8 (June 2017). Update on roadworks in Syon Lane and Wood Lane, external building works completed, working with the community. You can download the Newsletter HERE.
  9. Newsletter No.9 (July 2017). Since Wood Lane closure gas and water mains installed. The SSE have brought the new electrical supply cables in to the site and the BT duct for the telecoms has been installed across the road. New foul water drain akso installed. New pedestrian entrance by Braybourne Drive completed. You can download the Newsletter HERE.
  10. Newsletter No.10 (October 2017). Wood Lane works, work on facade and interior of building. You can download the Newsletter HERE.
  11. Newletter No.11. You can download the Newsletter HERE.
  12. Newsletter No.12 is available HERE.