Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is a voluntary scheme designed to bring people together to make their communities and residences safer. It involves the police, the local authority, voluntary organisations and most importantly residents. To set up a NW the police will knock on doors to determine if there is enough support for the scheme and, if so, a volunteer Coordinator will be sought and appointed. It costs nothing to join and there is no requirement other than to keep your ears and eyes open where you live. Residents may report non-emergency matters to the designated Coordinator who will also be available to answer any queries and you will be given a free brochure with useful information. You will also received a NW sticker which should be placed on a front window or glass panel of your front door. This, in itself, can act as a deterrent to would-be burglars. Moreover, many insurance companies give a discount on home insurance to NW members !

OWGRA is advocating the establishment of Neighbourhood Watches throughout the Osterley and Spring Grove area. Watches can make a real difference to the local community in terms of safety and security. The number of NWs in the borough as a whole has grown from under a 100 in the late 1990s to almost 500 today ! Much encouragement and assistance is provided by our Local Safer Neighbourhood Police Team and especially from PCSO Robert Miller, who has devoted considerable time to the project.

If you are interested in becoming a NW Coordinator for your street (or part of your street) which isn’t on the list below, then please get in touch.

The following links also provide more information:

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  • Academy Place/Aplin Way/Ashley Drive/Avenue Road
  • Bassett Gardens/Braybourne Drive
  • Campion Road/College Road/Crowntree Close
  • Grove Road
  • Harvard Road/Hexham Gardens/Highfield Road/Herm Close
  • Jersey Road (between Lulworth Avenue & Penwerris Avenue)/Jersey Road (between Wood Lane & Ridgeway Road North)
  • Lingwood Gardens
  • Northumberland Avenue
  • Otterburn Gardens/Osterley Crescent/Osterley Road
  • Ravenswood Gardens/Redesdale Gardens/Ridgeway Road North/Ridgeway Road/Rothbury Gardens/Roxborough Avenue
  • St.Christopher’s Close/Stags Way/Syon Park Gardens/St Mary’s Crescent
  • Wood Lane (north & south)/Wyke Close.