Neighbourhood Police

The web pages for the Osterley and Spring Grove neighbourhood Police are


The email for our neighbourhood police is

You can find details of the local crime situation in this useful crime map. It can be enlarged to give details of every street.

We have a Safer Neighbourhood Team of Police who are dedicated to this area. This team consists of Sergeant Carl Massey, PC Carl Scully and PC Greg Price. They cover all local policing for this ward, including co-ordination with other bodies, crime prevention and the whole range of crime follow-up.

This is a lot for them to do, and to be effective they need our help to report any and every incident we see which we think requires their attention. This stream of reporting is vital as, without it, they will most probably not be aware that an incident occurred. You may not see any direct response to something you report, but it will allow the police to build up a picture of where to focus their resources to maximum effect.

Also, the police have recently launched a new computer system called OWL ( ). The aim of this system is to establish direct communication from the local police to local residents. If you register with this system you will receive emails from the police whenever anything happens in the area that they wish to alert you of. Details of how to register are on the link above.