Is There a Crisis in Local NHS Health Services?

We have organised what we think will be an important meeting

NHS problems are big news. We felt that it was time to get an update on our local health services. We also want everyone concerned to share their views and concerns. Where are things working well? Where are there problems? Our intention is not just to have a general moan but to get some good information about what is happening on the ground and to discuss the pressures on health services and how they can best be dealt with.

Are you happy with local health services? Do you have any pressing concerns about access to your GP and local hospitals? The NHS is constantly changing, so OWGRA has invited speakers from Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group (which is about to commission GP services in the borough) and West Middlesex University Hospital to address residents and answer their concerns.


  • 7.15 pm Registration
  • 7.30 pm Welcome and introductions
    7.35 pm GP (Primary) CARE
    Speaker: Rosalyn King, Deputy Director, Local Services Development, Hounslow CCG
  • 8.00 pm HOSPITAL (Secondary & Tertiary) CARE
    Speakers: Vanessa Sloane, Director of Nursing, & Iain Beveridge, Associate Medical Director, West Middlesex University Hospital
  • 8.15 pm Break for refreshments
  • 8.35 pm Q&A
  • 9.15 pm Close of meeting

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