How to become a member

Since the election of a new committee in May 2016 we have been steadily re-building the OWGRA membership base which had been allowed to lapse over previous years. It is important that the largest number of residents possible join OWGRA as only then are we able to exercise due influence on property developers and the Council from a position of strength – as well as providing an appropriate channel for residents to discuss and act on all issues of common concern and interest.

We work closely with our ward councillors. We organise regular public meetings, write and deliver periodic newsletters, send more frequent e-newsletters and we have an informative website that we try ensure is up to date.

The response to the membership drive has been very encouraging and many residents have signed up but we would like to welcome many more! The annual membership fee is a modest £5 per person so please do consider joining OWGRA for the overall benefit of the Osterley community.

You can download our membership form by clicking on THIS LINK.

Please print the form, fill in your details and return it to OWGRA at 130 Wood Lane, Osterley, TW7 5EQ.

If you have any questions about this please use our contact page.