Hounslow LTN Survey

Thank you for taking the time to help us prepare a response to the council’s LTN plans. 

Please click on the above map to view the LTNs for the Osterley area – you will also need to click on the magnifying glass to increase the size to look at the area in detail. You can also see the entire council report about the LTNs within the meeting agenda on this link, starting on page 40

What the map seems to shown about our LTNs is: 

There are seven LTNs in the area, of which 3 only cover cul-de-sac vicinities like the Wyke Estate. 

  • LTN 22b Whole of main Osterley Village area up to Wood Lane
  • LTN 26a Osterley St Mary’s Church and Spring Grove area
  • LTN 26c Burlington / Spencer Road area plus a couple of cul-de-sacs off Thornbury Rd to the West
  • LTN 26d Northumberland Estate
  • LTN 66 Sidmouth Avenue
  • LTN 57 Wyke Estate
  • LTN 56 Oaklands Avenue

The St John’s Road area (LTN 28a) which is such a key route out of Osterley is also included.

How the LTNs work is that you will not be allowed to drive straight through an LTN that you do not live in to continue your journey the other side unless it is by the route that the council prescribes. Red dotted lines on the map seem to indicate what these would be BUT this is not definite as the councillors have been asked to confirm this with the traffic staff.

The apparent routes are as follows:

  • LTN 22b – Down Thornbury Rd, St Mary’s Crescent, Ridgeway Road North and Jersey Rd up to Wyke Green
  • LTN 26a – Routes down the side of the LTN – Thornbury Rd and Wood Lane
  • LTN 26c – Witham Rd and Eversley Crescent as well as Thornbury Rd.
  • LTN 28a – Route down the side of the LTN down St John’s Rd , plus Mill Plat Avenue and Kendal Rd through the LTN, presumably one way. It looks as if Amhurst Gardens will be reopened as a route directly from Osterley to the Twickenham Road.

Going further afield, it appears that Bridge Rd / Worton Rd and Hall Rd will remain as a route to Whitton.

Please note that valuable local assets like The Hare And Hounds pub and Osterley Garden Centre are outside the LTNs on the main road and are not easily accessible by public transport.

Please can you indicate via the survey here  what your opinion is of these proposals. Completing the survey should take no more than 2 minutes. OWGRA’s next move will depend on the results of the survey as we want to be guided by members. You can also email your thoughts and comments directly to OWGRA using our contact form