Gillette Corner – South

OWGRA’s objection to the proposed development has been submitted

You can download it from HERE.

Our document begins with a summary of our arguments. You can dowload the summary from HERE. It includes details of how to send in your comments on/objections to the proposal.

All the documents for the proposed development are available on the Council’s planning website. We have put some of the most important files here for your convenience.

The developer’s Files

(1) Cover letter for the application (lists the documents for the application)
(2) The Design and Access Statement [42Mb] (this outlines the main ideas of, and justification for, the proposed development
(3) Heritage Statement [35Mb].
(4) Air quality/pollution assessment. See below for some comments on this document.
(5) Statement of Community Involvement (the PR agent for the developer says that they have adequately consulted local residents)
(6) Noise assessment.

All the files are available on the Council planning website. To get to the files for this development you will need its planning reference number: P/2017/0053. Regrettably little effort has been made to make these files easy to understand. Bizarrely many of the files were initially split into a number of smaller files for no apparent reason. As a result of our complaints most of these split files have been removed and replaced by single files. It appears that this practice has its origin with the practice of the Hounslow Council IT system and is not the responsibility of the developer. In fact, it appears that the Council asked for the files to be split so as not to exceed 5Mb in size. Fortunately it has now been accepted, for this development at least, that there is no good reason for this practice.

A new file was added on 28th February without notifying us. Are we supposed to keep checking the planning website everyday for such additions? The file is a supplementary heritage assessment. We hope to get our heritage expert to look at it a.s.a.p.

(7) Supplementary Heritage Assessment

Views and objections

Please let us have your ideas. The purpose is not to endorse any particular statement, unless otherwise stated, but rather to encourage a flow of ideas.

Air pollution – by David Pavett

Brentford Community Council – Objection

Paul Veluet – Objection

20th Century Society – Objection

The London Mayor

The London Mayor must approve all major developments and this is one such. That means that the plans must be submitted to the Greater London Assembly planners for comment and ultimately, if approved by the the Hounslow Planning Committee, to the London Mayor for approval. The GLA planners provided their comments in February. The comments make it look as though the Mayor would not approve the application in its present form. However, is it is only the absence of affordable housing in the scheme with which the GLA planners find fault. They claim that the design and massing and heritage aspects are satisfactory and fail to comment on the step rise in housing density the development would represent. It may be that the developer could put in supplementary changes before the Planning Committee meets. The plan would, on that basis, be to include some affordable accomodation and then to negotiate with the GLA to bring the requirement for 35% down on grounds of viability.

It should be noted though that even when a project has the Mayor’s approval the Council can refuse it. This has happened.

GLA planners’ letter to the Gillette South case officer

GLA planners comments on the application. This report asserts that with regard to Urban design and heritage “The approach to the building height, massing and appearance are supported but further revision to the western core is encouraged. The building would not harm the character or setting of the conservation areas or listed buildings”. It says nothing about the compatibility of the proposed development with the surrounding housing.

All this is highly questionable. The lack of due care and attention to detail in this report is well illustrated by paragraph 7 where we read “The site is situated a short distance from Brentford and Isleworth town centres. …” (Emphasis added). This is simply false because had the GLA planners looked at their own maps they would have seen that the site is more than 1800 m walk away from both centres. That is not, in any planners scheme a “short distance” to a shopping centre. We have objected on a series of points to the GLA planners response to the Gillette South application. You can download our objection HERE.

Last updated 14th April 2017