Don’t Miss our AGM + Crime Meeting

Our next meeting will be both an Annual General meeting and an ordinary meeting which will immediately follow the AGM.

We have been working hard to revitalise the Osterley & Wyke Green Residents’ Association since the new committee was elected nearly a year ago. The membership is going up. We have gone from no records and a no membership base to a clear system of membership records and over 200 members. We need to do more than double that to become viable at the level of activity we are currently undertaking. We also need more committee members to reduce the work load on individuals. We believe that all this can be done but it won’t happen by itself. Please think about what you may be able to contribute and how you can best do that. You can always call us on the OWGRA phone or write to us (see the contacts page) if you would like to help but are not sure what you might be able to do.

Some of our recent activities (previous home pages)

(1) Meeting on Transport, Traffic, Parking, Roads and Pavements

(2) Meeting on plans for the Borough and on the Bolder academy

These reports contain written accounts, photographs and recordings of the talks given.