Debate on Heathrow expansion

The Heathrow expansion has been approved by the Government but remains a hugely divisive and controversial project. Those in favour expound the benefits to the UK economy and the need to maintain the airport’s pre-eminent position. Those against expansion cite the adverse impact on the environment in terms of air and noise pollution and general infrastructure. The arguments continue and it is doubtful that construction will commence any time soon. OWGRA has invited two speakers to attend our Public Meeting to present the case FOR and AGAINST the expansion.

This is an opportunity for local residents to hear the arguments at first hand from two very knowledgeable and experienced campaigners, so do come along, listen and then put your questions to them.

As usual it would be very helpful for the smooth running of the meeting if as many people as possible can let us know in advance if they intend to attend the meeting.

We have invited both speakers to provide us in advance with notes on the case they wish to make.

We have received this document putting the case against a third runway from Jon Stewart.


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