Crime: reporting & preventing

Crime and suspicious activity

If you see anything you think the police should be aware of, please report it as below.  There are several ways to report it – please use one that is the most convenient for you.

999   Emergency (threat to life or property), requires immediate police attendance.
101 Non-emergency (the threat has gone and there is no further threat to life or property), anti-social behaviour and any other non-urgent calls which do not require immediate police presence (cost of the call is 15p whatever the length of the call, and the waiting times can be long, so do persevere and don’t hang up).
0800 555111 – Crime Stoppers or A non-emergency confidential phone line to report any suspicious activity anonymously to police with regards to people, vehicles or properties, without having to give out your personal information or contact details. To report crime or other matters online.

Note also, that if you are reporting an ongoing problem (e.g. persistent Anti-Social Behaviour at a location) you do not need to file a report for every single occurrence. If it is a regular event, then keep a log of each occurrence over a period of, say, a couple of weeks, and then file one report with the log of activity.

Crime Prevention advice

Your Home

  • All external doors should be protected by a mortice lock.
  • All windows (upstairs and downstairs, especially Victorian sash windows) should be fitted with at least one appropriate lock.
  • Close and lock all windows and doors and especially when going out.
  • Your house should look lived in, even when you’re out. Close the curtains and leave a light on.
  • Please do not alert criminals by posting up on social media when you are away on holiday/away for a few days – it just advertises that your home is empty.

Your Garden

  • Outbuildings (sheds, garages, etc.) should be secured with a weatherproof padlock.
  • Lock them when not in use and don’t leave keys in shed or garage doors.
  • Don’t leave possessions such as bicycles outside and unsecured in your garden. Either store them in a locked outbuilding or secure them to an immovable object a stout chainlock.
  • Do not make it easy to get into your rear garden. If you have a side-gate, make sure it is locked. Make sure your rear garden fence is difficult to climb over.

Your Vehicle

  • Close car windows and lock car doors when leaving your car
  • Do not leave anything tempting on display in your car; even an empty shopping bag can tempt a thief to smash a window in case it contains something of value.
  • Register your bike on this website ; you can report a stolen bike here too.
  • Secure mopeds/motorcycles/cycles to street furniture with decent locks.

Online/Phone Scams

Out and About

  • Do not use your mobile phone or any other gadgets in the street without being aware of your surroundings.
  • Avoid displaying items of value when walking on the street (e.g. expensive watches).
  • Make sure bags cannot be easily snatched (e.g. laptop bag worn with strap across the body rather than carried in one hand).

Workmen claiming work is needed

  • Never accept a quote or offer to do work from someone knocking on your door who you have never met before.
  • The more someone says you need to act now, the more suspicious you should be.
  • If you are tempted, please take the time to phone the company to verify the people you are speaking to, check on Checkatrade ( and make an appointment for them to come back at a later date in order that you are not rushed into making a decision.