Conservation area appraisals

All the conservation areas in the borough are being reviewed. The current appraisal document were written a very long time ago and are evidently inadequate in many respect. The review process is very important to us since the more detailed and robust a conservation area appraisal is the stronger the case will be against inappropriate development.

We have discussed the issues of our conservation areas with the Conservation team at the council and we are pleased that they are very keen to have residents’ input into the process. They want all the information they can get about strong and weak points in each street so we are hoping that members of OWGRA who take a keen interest in their streets will get involved.

The review can involved changing the borders of the conservation area and this is being actively considered in the case of the Osterley Park Conservation Area.

  1. Osterley Park Conservation Area.
  2. Spring Grove Conservation Area.