Fly-tipping in Braybourne Drive Osterley

The Informer & Chronicle carried an article on the problem of fly-tipping in Braybourne Drive which has reached an astonishing level. OWGRA is pursuing this issue with both the Educational Funding Agency, and the Council. Apart from looking disgusting the dumping represents a health hazard.

Click on the image below to download the report.


The variant spellings of Ton (tonne) are as in the original article, along with the grammar mistakes.

1 ton = 2240 lbs, 1 tonne = 1000 kg. 1 tonne = 0.9842 tons.

If you find the text too small in the pdf of the above article from the Informer & Chronicle then HERE is a larger print version.

Recycling calendars

The last recycling calendars expired on 31 Oct.

Information received from Hounslow Council:

Recycling calendars will be posted online within the next couple of days.  Unfortunately, we are not doing hard copies due to the impending recycling refresh.

Council information on refuse collections.

Council information on recycling and waste.

Council video on recycling.

If you want a laugh you can read a transcript of the video’s unpunctuated subtitles here. The subtitles are generated automatically by  YouTube software. It would probably be a good idea to republish the video without sub-titles. [Note added 23rd Nov. After we reported the laughable subtitles to the council they were corrected. Unfortunately that did not include adding punctuation or correcting the spelling. We have reported that too and have been assured that the council does think that correct grammar and punctuation matter.]