Burglars active in Osterley!

Unfortunately we continue to hear of burglaries in the area. We heard at the beginning of this week about a spate of 6 burglaries close to each other (see diagram) and have now heard of another couple, in Bassett Gardens and Penwerris Avenue.

Suspicious characters have been also seen around the Wyke Estate and Ridgeway Road North.  Jersey Gardens continues to be a worry.  An expensive keyless car was recently stolen on the Northumberland Estate, following previous such crimes in the last few months. Cars have been also broken into and valuables stolen.

Please take precautions to try and reduce the risk of being the victim of crime yourself.


  • Don’t leave anything tempting on display in your car (laptop, handbag, etc.).
  • When you leave your vehicle, ensure you close all windows and lock it.
  • Please secure mopeds/motorcycles/cycles to street furniture with decent locks.


Autumn is the peak time for break-ins and associated Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).  As the clocks go back, the longer dark nights create more cover for burglars and other nocturnal criminals, enabling them to ply their trade out of the glare of daylight. This is the reason the police make such a special effort at this time of year to nip this activity in the bud, mounting special patrols in areas known for ASB and Burglary. But please help them by taking your own precautions. Make sure your house is secure (even if you’re just in the garden with friends / enjoying fireworks)

  • All external doors should be protected by a mortice lock.
  • All windows, both upstairs and downstairs, should be fitted with at least one appropriate lock, especially Victorian sash windows.
  • Ensure all windows are closed when you’re out, and close all windows at night.
  • Your house should look lived in, even when you’re out. Close the curtains and leave a light on when you’re out.
  • Outbuildings (shed, etc.) should be secured with a weatherproof padlock. Keep them locked at all times and don’t leave keys in the lock or hanging up anywhere visible.


When you’re out and about walking on the street, do not use your mobile phone or any other gadgets in the street without being aware of your surroundings.


Don’t assume that by reporting incidents to your Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator or local WhatsApp group that the police know about it, or that there is no point in reporting it to the Police as nothing will happen.

The Police use the reports they receive to identify patterns of crime and hotspots, and then target their resources at these hotspots. They may not seem to respond to your specific report; but if you are one of several people reporting a similar thing in a similar area, it will form a pattern and allow them to target that.

We have had a number of instances in the last few days where residents have complained about various problems, yet the police knew nothing about them and so no action had been taken.  Where there are continued or regular problems, you need to report each and every time, or keep a detailed log of day/date/time and submit that information regularly to the police.  The police have confirmed that a number of separate reports (one per event), or one report with a diary list of events, each carry the same weight. And if you have your garden shed or other outbuilding broken into and items stolen, please do report it – the police consider it at the same level as burglary of your house.

There are four ways to report crime, ASB, or just something that doesn’t look right, to the Police 

999 Emergency (threat to life or property), requires immediate police attendance.
101 Non-emergency (the threat has gone and there is no further threat to life or property), Anti-Social Behaviour and any other non-urgent calls which do not require immediate police presence.
Crime Stoppers 0800 555111 (or https://crimestoppers-uk.org/), a non-emergency confidential phone line to report any suspicious activity anonymously to police with regards to people, vehicles or properties, without having to give out your personal information or contact details.
Police website www.met.police.uk/ro/report/ocr/how-to-report-a-crime/ to report crime online.

Have fun and enjoy yourself this autumn, but ensure that you keep your wits about you while taking sensible and necessary precautions.