Bolder application approved

OWGRA member David Pavett, writing in a personal capacity, reflects on the latest meeting of the Hounslow Council Planning Committee.

Planning Committees are a major function of government. In theory they are required to work on the basis of an extensive set of national, regional and local guidelines. Its members are supposed to go for regular training and to take an interest in matters of architectural design, a lot of advice on which is designed specifically for them.

There is a general presumption in favour of development. In other words a proposed development is deemed to be good unless specific faults can be found with it in terms of planning guidelines. Not only that but the guidelines are only that, guidelines, so it can always, and often is, argued that there are reasons for not adhering to them in specific instances.

The seeming tight constraints of the guidelines can therefore, when there is a will to achieve a result irrespective of them, dissolve into background words to which the majority of those involved have no knowledge and or no interest. This was certainly the way things looked in the case of the Planning Committee that determined that there were no significant problems requiring resolution before approval in the case of the application to build a new school, the Bolder Academy on Metropolitan Open Lane at the end of MacFarlane Lane (next to Osterley Tesco). Continue reading

Development News – July 2017

Nishkam School: Work on the school continues and OWGRA is in constant contact with the construction company BAM to ensure that disruption to the local community is minimised. The new school entrance has been established and the road has now been resurfaced.  On site construction has proceeded apace and the building is rising fast. Any particular issues or queries should be posed to BAM Construction on 07973 141653 or 07541 338770 or to; please keep us informed.

Bolder Academy. The planning application under references P/2017/1417 is likely to come before the Planning Committee at its meeting of 3rd August. We have no definite information as but will post any news as soon as we get it.

Wood Lane Closure – reminder

Reminder please read

Please be advised that the road closure of Wood Lane [North] will commence 26/6/17. During w/c 26/6/17 properties from numbers 164 to 190+ will only be accessible from Jersey Road. Properties 162 to 120 will only be accessible from the A4.

Road Closure to Wood Lane Isleworth

26/6/17 – 5/8/17

Please be advised that in order to undertake road works to Wood Lane, this road will be closed from the 26/6/17 to 5/8/17.

Please note that access for residents will be maintained throughout this period.

As a consequence bus route H28 will not be serving Wood Lane (north of the A4), Jersey Road, Ridgeway Road North, St Marys Crescent and Thornbury Road (north of the A4) the nearest bus stops will be on Wood Lane and Thornbury Road – south of the A4.

These works have been granted by Hounslow Highways under permit number  34002898. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these works.

BAM may be contacted on 020 8560 7257