Views of the proposed Osterley Station Car Park Development

The developer has provided very little in the way of views of what the proposed development would look like. At the exhibition held 12/13 December 2018 there was very little by way of showing what the development would look like from different perspectives. Three such views are available on the developer’s web site. All are very low resolution images but even they give the distinct impression that the proposed development would be a clear case of massive over development.

You can judge this for your self by looking at the only three images available on the developers website plus one from Councillor Louki’s website which is a higher resolution version of one of the three.

Why, we have to wonder, were more images provided from different perspectives and why are the images on the developer’s website of such poor quality?

Crime Prevention

Our partners at the Metropolitan Police Service have informed us of a new very worrying trend in the borough affecting some of our most vulnerable residents.
Some unsavoury individuals are painting or sticking markings on carriageways outside vulnerable residents’ properties.  These markings indicate to other individuals of the vulnerable person.  These vulnerable residents are unfortunately being exploited and abused physically, sexually and financially, and this mark is the ‘target’ placed for identification that there is someone here who can be exploited or abused.
One of the markings is shown in the below pictures taken from Clifden Road, Brentford.  Another marking that has been noted is of a solid circle within a diamond or square.  There are a few different markings that the Police are verifying.  As soon as they confirm they will let us know and we will in turn inform you again.
If any such markings are found, please report it to Hounslow Highways who will remove the markings as soon as possible. 

For more advice on crime prevention go to

Community Information Guide

Hounslow Council have recently released a new website, the Community Information Guide. This seeks to be a directory of all Community and Voluntary organizations in the Borough. It is still being developed but even in its current state is a useful point of contact if you want to find out which voluntary organizations provide specific services in the borough. Its website address is

Gillette South Development

OWGRA have recently attended 2 presentations from the developer of their plans for this site, the old Shell Petrol Station at Gillette Corner. This is for a storage facility owned and run by Access Storage, which will consist of rentable storage and office space, housed in a 4- to 6-storey building. The first was a “pre-application presentation” to Hounslow Council’s Planning Committee, seeking guidance from the Committee as to how to structure their proposals to meet the committee’s expectations. The second was a presentation to the BCC on their plans. At both meetings the developer emphasised that they were listening to the views of local residents and confirmed they had received representations from OWGRA and BCC (Brentford Community Council) and were incorporating their feedback into their proposals. Their latest proposals do indeed include responses to some of the concerns that have been raised. Further comments were made at each meeting and the developer confirmed they will incorporate responses to those and the comments from OWGRA and BCC in an updated proposal.
The developer also confirmed that they plan to hold a Public Meeting for local residents to express their views on this. We will contact OWGRA members as soon as we have further details on this.

Two Public Events on Tuesday, 17th July, 2018

There are two Public Events on Tuesday, 17th July on significant issues affecting local residents. Both of these will take place at the Osterley Park Hotel

– The first of these is a Public Exhibition, between 2 pm and 8 pm, on the new plans for the old Shell Garage site at Gillette Corner. This proposal is for self-storage units and offices, but we have no idea at this stage of the details. This is the seventh proposal for this site since 2005; previous proposals included a car showroom (2-storey), self-storage units, a 14-storey mixed use development (residential, self-storage and retail), then an 11-storey mixed use development (residential, self-storage and offices), the latter having been refused planning permission by Council Planning Officers in August 2017. Do please visit, see what is proposed and then let us know what you think of the plans.

– the second is a Public Meeting between 6pm and 8pm, on the Nishkam School Parking Management Proposals (i.e. the proposed Red Route scheme in the streets around the school). The Council has organised this meeting as a follow-up to the 23 May OWGRA Public Meeting to present their proposals to prevent traffic chaos when the new Nishkam School opens, and to answer residents’ questions. A letter has been delivered to households near the new school, and here is the link to the FAQs

It is important that we have good attendance from residents who will be affected by transport to the Nishkam School so that all views are aired and a decision can then be taken quickly on implementation of traffic and parking restrictions in time for the opening of the school.

Shisha lounge decision deferred by Planning Committee

The Hounslow Planning Committee deferred making a decision on the proposed shisha lounge in the Osterley Hotel complex on the corner of Wood Lane and the A4 at a meeting on Thursday 14 June 2018.

The discussion on this item lasted for an hour and 20 minutes. During the course of that time the case for the proposal was made by a lawyer working for the proposers. Objections were made by Laurence Hawcroft on behalf of OWGRA and Tom Cragg on behalf of the Nishkam School. In addition Osterley and Spring Grove Councillor Richard Eason (not on the Planning Committee) made use of his right to speak and made a strong case against the application on grounds of the Council’s duty to promote community health.

The Planning Officers recommended that the Committee should approve the application but a number of the Committee members were not convinced by their arguments. In particular Osterley and Spring Grove Councillor Tony Louki spoke several times making the point that the circumstances of the application were not clear. He said that the just who owned what on the site and which bits were leased to whom and under what conditions was, he had found, very unclear. Even though towards the end of the discussion Councillor Pritam Grewal had moved approval Councillor Tony Louki asked him to withdraw his motion so that the decision could be deferred. Councillor Grewal agreed to do that. Councillor Louki moved that the decision be deferred until the matters he had raised, along with others, could be clarified for the benefit of the Committee. This was agreed with 7 voting for deferral, 1 voting against and 4 abstentions.

We will be researching various issues that arose in the Committee discussion in order to do our best to help the Councillors make an informed decision when the proposal comes up again for consideration by the Planning Committee. When materials are ready for this we will post them on this website.

Recordings from the Planning Committee

The applicant’s lawyer makes the case for the lounge


Tom Cragg (Nishkam School) and Laurence Hawcroft (OWGRA) make the case against


Councillor Richard Eason on health problems of the lounge


Councillor Tony Louki points to problems and moves deferral


Details on the application and OWGRA’s objections can be found HERE.