OWGRA restarts Community Litter Picks in 2020

OWGRA Community Litter Pickers have started the New Year with great enthusiasm, and have done 2 litter picks already. The first one on Saturday morning, 18 January, along the western section of Jersey Road, and then on Saturday 25 January along the section of Wood Lane north of the A4.

The Wood Lane section was the most challenging litter pick we’ve done so far, as it involved climbing into dense shrubbery along the perimeters of the Nishkam School. Grasshoppers and Wycombe House.

We are very grateful to Memories of India and Wycombe House for providing well-deserved refreshments after the litter picks on those two occasions.

We plan to do Windmill Lane again within the next few weeks, and also the shrubbery in Jersey Gardens. If you have any other suggestions or would like to join our happy group of OWGRA Community Litter Pickers, then please contact Barbara on 07767 826197, or e-mail info@owgra.org.uk. It’s a great way of meeting local residents, creates a community spirit, provides a decent work-out and enhances the look of our area!

A request to all our residents, as we all know that littering is a disgusting habit. If you see litter outside your house or it has blown into your garden, please pick it up and dispose of it. If we all did our bit, the area would look so much better! You might even have noticed that we have some amazing residents who regularly litter pick. If you see them out and about picking litter, do say hello and thank them for their community spirit.

OWGRA Community Litter Pick 10.08.2019

Eleven volunteers braved the blustery conditions for an OWGRA Community Litter Pick along Windmill Lane. We had cleared this area 5 months ago, yet we managed to fill another 25 bags! As usual we found some vehicle registration plates and a set of keys.
Many thanks to the Hare & Hounds which kindly provided much deserved refreshments afterwards. Thanks to our volunteers for another good morning’s work.



The building of the new Bolder Academy on MacFarlane Lane has been delayed and the new school buildings won’t be ready to open until the Summer Term 2021. A letter from the headteacher in March 2019 stated the following

“Dear residents,
I wanted to take this opportunity to write to you to keep you updated with the developments of our new school building. As you are aware it was due to be completed by September 2020 and the Governing Body, Sky, London Borough of Hounslow, and I have been doing everything in our power to meet this deadline.

Despite our best efforts, due to the complexities of the property deals and the number of stakeholders involved in signing off the s106 legal agreement, it has now become apparent that the construction of the permanent school building cannot be delivered until Spring 2021.The DFE has appointed the building contractor. The contractor and the Academy has undertaken detailed design down to the level of furniture layouts.

With the completion date of Spring 2021 we want to minimise disruption to students and most importantly their learning. This means that our current students and the students who join us this coming September will be based at 390 London Road until summer 2021.This will allow the Academy time to ensure a smooth transition. It will also enable us to rehearse travel plans with our students and parents to minimize concerns that you may have. For the students who join us in year 7 in September 2020, we have agreed to run a split site. We have worked hard to ensure that these students also have access to first-rate facilities and are currently in detailed discussions with a school very close to us. This school has sufficient space as they will have a new building ready for this September. Talks are ongoing and we hope to be able to confirm further details in the next month.

For those of you who are local parents we do know that a great school and a great education ultimately comes down to the teaching on offer and the pastoral care in place. We know at Bolder these two aspects are very strong features of the Academy.

Open mornings for admissions for September 2020 will be announced shortly.

I will of course continue to keep OWGRA up to date with developments as they arise.

Best wishes,
Heidi Swidenbank

In May 2019 in an update (http://bolderacademy.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/May-2019.pdf ) the school have advised that the “school very close to us” referenced above to be used by the pupils who join them in Year 7 in September 2020 will be The Green School in their new Sixth Form block.

OWGRA Community Litter Pick 23.03.2019

OWGRA Community Litter Pickers (10 of them plus 2 from HAG and Councillor Unsa Chaudri) were out again today clearing litter, including the area around Osterley Station, the footpath from the A4 to Bassett Gardens, also Penwerris Avenue, Jersey Road (west) and Jersey Gardens.

There was some scrabbling through bushes and undergrowth to get to litter which has been there for years.

Thank you to Memories of India for providing refreshments for the hard workers afterwards, much appreciated.

OWGRA Community Litter Pick 19/3/19

11 lovely volunteer litter pickers headed back to Windmill Lane in Osterley today to continue clearing the litter that filthy people throw from their cars. The M4 underpass was the most challenging, and we need to go back to finish the job there despite filling another 35 bin bags.
The usual suspects were found including vehicle registration plates and plenty of large plastic bottles full of cider and other suspicious-looking yellow liquids.
Thank you to Wyevale Garden Centre in Osterley for providing refreshments for the hard workers afterwards, much appreciated.
Next OWGRA Community Litter Pick, Sat 23 March, 10.15 am, meet at Osterley tube station. We hope to see you there!

OWGRA Community Litter Pick, Windmill Lane, 2 March 2019

Nine volunteers (6 from OWGRA, 1 from Heston Action Group, 1 from Isleworth, and Councillor Tony Louki) spent about 1.5 hrs clearing the litter on Saturday morning 2 March along Windmill Lane between the Seccombe roundabout at the Jersey Road/Syon Lane junction and the M4 underpass.  They filled 35 green Hounslow Highways bags.  Found among other things: 3 sets of registration plates and a set of VW keys!

Many thanks to the Hare & Hounds which kindly provided much deserved refreshments afterwards.  A good morning’s work.  Thanks to all our volunteers, job well done!


Community Litter Pick

On Saturday, 19th January, OWGRA organised a very successful Community Litter Pick. Around 20 people turned up to pick litter from the green verges along the western end of Jersey Road, bordering the Brentford FC Training ground. The area is a lovely strip of green along the road, that has been marred by thoughtless individuals fly-tipping and lots of motorists just chucking rubbish out of the window into the greenery. The green strip also seems to be functioning as an unofficial Public House judging by the volume of empty drinks bottles. Hounslow Council provided gloves, litter pickers and rubbish bags, and then sent a truck to pick up the bags after we’d filled then. Despite the area looking like it had just a scattering of litter we ended up filling over 60 sacks in the 90 minutes we all spent picking up litter. Afterwards Tesco provided free snack meals and Brentford FC opened up their Training Ground for all of us to have hot tea and coffee, enjoy Tesco’s free snacks and warm up. Many thanks to both Tesco and Brentford FC for their support of this community initiative ! We will be running further litter picks in the future – so if you know of a road/area which has a lot of rubbish scattered around let us know – provided you and some of your neighbours are prepared to come out and pick the litter with us as well 😉…

Just a few of the bags we collected…..

Crime Prevention

Our partners at the Metropolitan Police Service have informed us of a new very worrying trend in the borough affecting some of our most vulnerable residents.
Some unsavoury individuals are painting or sticking markings on carriageways outside vulnerable residents’ properties.  These markings indicate to other individuals of the vulnerable person.  These vulnerable residents are unfortunately being exploited and abused physically, sexually and financially, and this mark is the ‘target’ placed for identification that there is someone here who can be exploited or abused.
One of the markings is shown in the below pictures taken from Clifden Road, Brentford.  Another marking that has been noted is of a solid circle within a diamond or square.  There are a few different markings that the Police are verifying.  As soon as they confirm they will let us know and we will in turn inform you again.
If any such markings are found, please report it to Hounslow Highways who will remove the markings as soon as possible. 

For more advice on crime prevention go to https://www.met.police.uk/cp/crime-prevention/.