Osterley & Wyke Green Residents’ Association (OWGRA) is your long-established local Residents Association, run by volunteers who are local residents like you. It was first set up over 30 years ago to oppose plans to construct a development on most of what people think of as Osterley Park. Our aim is to act as the voice for local residents and to protect and enhance the things we all like about the area.

You can see a map of the OWGRA area HERE

There are continual pressures on our area (developers seeking to build on open land, replacement of existing building by tall buildings, increasing crime not being addressed effectively, street and other infrastructure not being maintained, etc.). If an organisation such as OWGRA is not there to ensure residents’ views are properly heard, then these pressures continue unchecked.

What we do

To act as your voice requires a lot of hard work “behind the scenes” on our side. We attend regular meetings with the Council, the Police and other local bodies to ensure we are aware of what is happening. We respond on all sizable planning applications on the area. We provide support to OWGRA members on matters impacting the area and are continually pushing the relevant bodies to maintain the upkeep of the area. We publish e-newsletters sent to all our members every 2-3 weeks with the latest news about the area, publish this paper newsletter every 6 months and maintain our website (www.owgra.org.uk).

If you would like to get involved in helping us then please get in touch; there is always plenty of work and more than the current Committee can handle.  Even if you can only spare an hour a month that would help us.

Current work underway

At the moment we are liaising with developers regarding two major planning applications in the area (the Access Storage development proposed for the old Shell Petrol Station site at the corner of Syon Lane/Great West Road, and the redevelopment of the Brentford FC Training Ground on Jersey Road).

We are also working with the local Neighbourhood Watch to investigate the use of CCTV/ANPR cameras to reduce levels of crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) in the area.

We have responded to the Council regarding their latest proposals for Conservation Areas.

We have recently worked with Tesco Osterley regarding the ASB that was occurring in their car park (resulting in improved barriers and more stringent parking control with camera enforcement) and with Hounslow Council on how they would manage traffic with the opening of Nishkam School (resulting in the introduction of the Red Route scheme around the school).

We are working with the Council to try to ensure that events held at the Osterley Park Hotel do not disrupt the lives of local residents.

We have also spoken out on your behalf at the Planning Committee on several proposed developments, and have successfully opposed a number of them.

Our work has also been highlighted in the Oct-Nov 2018 edition of Out & About with an article about OWGRA on page 28.  Here is the digital edition https://issuu.com/outaboutmagazine/docs/chiswick_o_a_oct-nov__18_edition_hi.


We are all volunteers, but to do all the above activities on your behalf involves some costs and we need your support. If you become a member you will benefit from the above support we provide, whilst also strengthening our voice, as the more members we have the greater our chance of being able to influence local developments. The money is used to for producing this newsletter, running a website and organising public meetings. Membership runs from April to March. There is a membership form on this website (https://owgra.org.uk/how-to-join/ )