The Osterley and Wyke Green Residents’ Association is a long established local group having been set up initially to opposed plans to construct a development on part of Osterley Park (hold that thought, there may be future battles on the same issue) just over 30 years ago. At its peak OWGRA had around 1000 members but that membership base was allowed to dwindle so that in recent years there was not even a proper membership base. The new Committee which was voted in at the OWGRA AGM in May 2016 believes that a strong organisation with clear residential support is needed now more than ever if we are to protect and enhance the things we like about the area. It has already shown with the Newsletters it has produced and the meetings it has organised that it is creating a team that can build the organisation. In order to be able to do both those things it is now essential the membership base is built up again both to bring the community together and, through member subscriptions, to pay for its activities. If you are not already a member please join. Your £5 per year will give good returns.

The current OWGRA Committee is as follows

  • Chairman – Cliff Assi
  • Vice Chairman – Laurence Hawcroft
  • Secretary – Barbara Stryjak
  • Membership Secretary – Ed Locke
  • Planning Officer – Sheila O’Reilly
  • Webmaster – David Pavett
  • Communications Officer – Cecilia Hodgson
  • Street Rep Co-ordinator – Lis Guest