LOW TRAFFIC NEIGHBOURHOODS (LTNs) – the saga continues

Some Labour councillors in Hounslow have requested a review of a decision to expand the Council’s traffic schemes.  This has been led by our own Ward Councillor Richard Eason and relates to rolling out the scheme into our part of Isleworth without even consulting local Ward Councillors, not to mention residents.  For more information see Chiswick’s Local Web site (chiswickw4.com)

The virtual meeting to consider this will be held on Monday, 30 November at 6 pm and can be watched live – you will need to check the agenda for the details of how to log on – see Agenda for Overview and Scrutiny Committee on Monday, 30 November 2020, 6:00 pm (hounslow.gov.uk).  Members of the public and residents’ groups can submit questions or statements in writing to scrutiny@hounslow.gov.uk by 5pm on Wednesday, 25 November 2020. 

Furthermore, response to the Chiswick Town Centre consultation scheme has included over 95% of respondents calling for the reopening to road traffic of the two controversially closed roads off the High Road – Fisher’s Lane and Turnham Green Terrace. 

Many of you have not yet responded to OWGRA’s survey on these LTNs, and we urge you to do so on this link. The results so far show marginal support for the LTN introduction, but strong preference for ANPR camera management rather than roads blocked off with planters, and also quite strong preference for gradual introduction with opportunity for residents’ feedback. You can also email OWGRA directly via our contact form with any further comments and/or suggestions.

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