OWGRA restarts Community Litter Picks in 2020

OWGRA Community Litter Pickers have started the New Year with great enthusiasm, and have done 2 litter picks already. The first one on Saturday morning, 18 January, along the western section of Jersey Road, and then on Saturday 25 January along the section of Wood Lane north of the A4.

The Wood Lane section was the most challenging litter pick we’ve done so far, as it involved climbing into dense shrubbery along the perimeters of the Nishkam School. Grasshoppers and Wycombe House.

We are very grateful to Memories of India and Wycombe House for providing well-deserved refreshments after the litter picks on those two occasions.

We plan to do Windmill Lane again within the next few weeks, and also the shrubbery in Jersey Gardens. If you have any other suggestions or would like to join our happy group of OWGRA Community Litter Pickers, then please contact Barbara on 07767 826197, or e-mail info@owgra.org.uk. It’s a great way of meeting local residents, creates a community spirit, provides a decent work-out and enhances the look of our area!

A request to all our residents, as we all know that littering is a disgusting habit. If you see litter outside your house or it has blown into your garden, please pick it up and dispose of it. If we all did our bit, the area would look so much better! You might even have noticed that we have some amazing residents who regularly litter pick. If you see them out and about picking litter, do say hello and thank them for their community spirit.

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