Community Litter Pick

On Saturday, 19th January, OWGRA organised a very successful Community Litter Pick. Around 20 people turned up to pick litter from the green verges along the western end of Jersey Road, bordering the Brentford FC Training ground. The area is a lovely strip of green along the road, that has been marred by thoughtless individuals fly-tipping and lots of motorists just chucking rubbish out of the window into the greenery. The green strip also seems to be functioning as an unofficial Public House judging by the volume of empty drinks bottles. Hounslow Council provided gloves, litter pickers and rubbish bags, and then sent a truck to pick up the bags after we’d filled then. Despite the area looking like it had just a scattering of litter we ended up filling over 60 sacks in the 90 minutes we all spent picking up litter. Afterwards Tesco provided free snack meals and Brentford FC opened up their Training Ground for all of us to have hot tea and coffee, enjoy Tesco’s free snacks and warm up. Many thanks to both Tesco and Brentford FC for their support of this community initiative ! We will be running further litter picks in the future – so if you know of a road/area which has a lot of rubbish scattered around let us know – provided you and some of your neighbours are prepared to come out and pick the litter with us as well 😉…

Just a few of the bags we collected…..

2 thoughts on “Community Litter Pick

  1. Great initiative! I’d be very willing to help out in future. Park Road in Syon is always strewn with litter. Such a shame as it could be a pretty walk down to the river. Thanks Lori


    • Hi Lori

      Sorry, I’ve only just seen this as it was hidden on our website. The OWGRA area ends at the railway line so Park Road in Syon isn’t in our area. You could contact Heston Action Group as they are willing to go further afield and help with litter picks

      Kind regards

      Barbara Stryjak
      Secretary, OWGRA


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