Fly-tipping in Braybourne Drive Osterley

The Informer & Chronicle carried an article on the problem of fly-tipping in Braybourne Drive which has reached an astonishing level. OWGRA is pursuing this issue with both the Educational Funding Agency, and the Council. Apart from looking disgusting the dumping represents a health hazard.

Click on the image below to download the report.


The variant spellings of Ton (tonne) are as in the original article, along with the grammar mistakes.

1 ton = 2240 lbs, 1 tonne = 1000 kg. 1 tonne = 0.9842 tons.

If you find the text too small in the pdf of the above article from the Informer & Chronicle then HERE is a larger print version.

One thought on “Fly-tipping in Braybourne Drive Osterley

  1. A long term pain in the neck, trying to get sorted with this piece of private land; like being back in the Balkans c1912.

    A narrow (ransom) strip owned by Wates plc who built the Wyke Estate in the 1980s and then a wider ditch owned long term by Jersey based Juant Investments which previously owned the Conquest Club lands. Braybourne Drive itself is public highway and any flytip on this will be speedily collected if reported to Hounslow Highways via

    Nevertheless, am pleased to report some movement. Since a meeting with the Leader of Hounslow Councilon 8.3.2017, the council’s and local police team have been patrolling more, the Earl of Jersey has agreed a sturdy and tall replacement fence and some Met Police CCTV will be located until complete; all coordinated by the worthy but stretched and austerity cut LBH Enforcement Team.

    Appreciation to Wyke Estate residents for escalating, OWGRA for backing them, Councillor Steve Curran for visiting the site, assembling the experts and adding grist to everyone involved’s mills.


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