The travellers have left the Syon Lane Car Park

Councillor Tony Louki informed residents on the morning of 30th November that the travellers who had occupied the Syon Lane car park since 13th November had moved on. This was no doubt because of the legal action about to be undertaken by Sky.

Councillor Louki wrote

“Following yesterday’s correspondence, Sky’s property chief, Bella Vuillermoz was in touch this morning to advise:

‘Further to my note last night the travellers have left the site [“in the wee small hours”]- I understand this is their modus operandi, to leave before a public hearing to minimise noise.  The site is secure.   We will move swiftly to manage a safe and effective clean up now.’

and last night:

‘The Court hearing is scheduled for tomorrow.  We have proactively been trying to resolve the issue through this route (we had early direct engagement with the travellers where they committed to vacate but unfortunately didn’t).  We do however hope to regain possession of the site asap.  As you can imagine, we are looking to resolve asap to both manage business disruption to Sky and to minimise the impact on the community.  There is unfortunately little we can do beyond our current course of action until we have exhausted that.  In the meantime , our security team has been actively engaged around the site and is liaising closely with the police, who have been providing good support.  Please be reassured that as soon as we have access, we will be moving fast to first analyse and then remove the waste.  In terms of how they accessed the site, the site was secured – they broke in and padlocked the site behind them.  As you will understand, legally this gives them rights that we must go through the proper legal channels to challenge – which we have been doing with urgency, hence the hearing tomorrow.  I’m picking up with my team on engagement with surrounding residents, thank you for flagging this to me.’

“We also spoke earlier this morning and Bella also undertook to write to residents to advise of Sky’s next steps to clear the site and bring it back to its proper use.

“Very sorry that this has happened and saddened by its impact on the neighbourhood, I hope that it is not repeated but am confident that with Sky’s resources, the aftermath should be well managed and measures placed to very much reduce the likelihood of similar in the future.

“Thanks to all for keeping in touch with developments and happy to receive any updates.”

Sky has written to residents following the travellers’ departure. The letter can be found here.


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