Grasshoppers update

Arttist's impression of the new club

Arttist’s impression of the new club

The Grasshoppers planning application was approved by the Planning Committee of Hounslow Council on Thursday 3 November. Grasshoppers will move from its current site on Macfarlane Lane to the northern part of the former Conquest Club/White Lodge Club site between Syon Lane and Wood Lane, just north of the Nishkam School. Here is the latest information from the meeting on 3 Nov.

  • The fence surrounding the Grasshoppers will be 2.6 metres high and made of the same type of metal railings as for the Nishkam School.
  • Within that fence will be netting-fencing surrounding the various pitches and courts. This will be of varying heights and especially high on the northern edge abutting the Piccadilly line.
  • Entrance to Grasshoppers will be by a right turn after the main entrance on Syon Lane which will serve both Grasshoppers and Nishkam.
  • It was stated that NONE of the existing parking spaces for Syon Lane residents will be removed.
  • To facilitate the right turn into the Grasshoppers/Nishkam site for traffic coming from the north the old ditch will be filled in along the appropriate stretch and greenery removed.
  • 39 existing trees will be removed plus several groups of small trees/shrubs/undergrowth, including a band of trees which traverses the northern part of the site at a downward angle from northeast to northwest.
  • 69 trees will be planted around the site to compensate for the loss. These will be a mixture of saplings and mature trees (so it is claimed).
  • Nishkam staff/parents/carers/escorts etc will NOT be permitted to park in the Grasshoppers car park area. Grasshoppers staff “are to prevent this”. LBH awaits a proper traffic management plan.
  • SKY staff will be able to use the Grasshoppers car park on a temporary basis until their new car park is available c. mid-2017 within the SKY complex.
  • Baby Swim’ customers, who currently have an informal agreement to use the small car park on Wood Lane, will be permitted to use the Grasshoppers car park, as the numbers are relatively small and the timings should not conflict with Grasshoppers usage. They will then have to walk across the site to the Baby Swim premises on Wood Lane. This permission is also informal and a concession from Grasshoppers.
  • Neither the car park nor the groundsman’s living quarters will be able to be sub-let or made available to any other company or organisation or person.

We don’t know when building work will start but hope that the contractors and Council officers will be proactive in keeping us informed more than they have done so far with the Nishkam School. We will put any information on developments on the OWGRA website

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