The latest White Lodge Site planning applications cannot be viewed

Currently the Council planning website is malfunctioning (again). The following note has been placed on the website.

Due to a technical problem, documents associated with planning applications between 18 June and 23 September 2016 are currently not available to downlaod and view. We apologise for any any inconvenience this may cause and working to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

Even the notification of errors contains errors!

There is no indication of the nature of the problem or when it is likely to be resolved.

This means, for example that residents wishing to comment on

  1. the applications to build a 2.4 m fence found the White Lodge site (P/2016/3800, 01106/152/P4 ) or
  2. on the proposed moved of the Grasshoppers Rugby club onto the site (P/2016/3376, 01255/D/P2) cannot do so.
A song thrush on the White Lodge site. Fewer trees means few birds.

A song thrush on the White Lodge site. Fewer trees means few birds.

The form for comments is available but the documents on which the comments would need to be made are not. We hope that our councillors have noted this and will respond accordingly. This should mean that applications on which it is impossible to comment should be delayed until the documents become available.

The Officer’s report on the 2.4m fence and other issues is available on the Council website or here.

We have not been able to see the documents but we have heard that there has been an amendment to the Nishkam application which requires far more good quality trees to be removed than was stated in the application approved on 3rd December. As soon as we have information on this we will post it here.

  • Note added 30th September: Problem still not fixed.
  • 3rd October, 8:45. Problem still not fixed. This is what you get.
  • 5th October. Problem finally fixed

One thought on “The latest White Lodge Site planning applications cannot be viewed

  1. Have written to the council’s Head of Governance, Director of Environment and Director of ICT asking when normal service will resume and how this affects residents wishing to access details of and comment upon current planning applications. Will advise of any response. TL 28.9.2016


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