Proposed Southall-Brentford rail link

cabinet20sept2016The Council Cabinet received a report on the proposed Southall-Brentford rail link at its meeting on 20th September. It was told that the s106 funding had been identified to progress the study to GRIP 3a level (whatever that means), estimated at c£750,000 and that this had been approved in a separate report that had been considered by the Lead Member for Finance on 19 September.  Further funding would still need to be identified before any works could progress beyond that level and the report authorised work with all parties and partners to identify potential sources for this funding.

All the recommendations were agreed unanimously. That Cabinet:

  1. Approved in principle the progression to GRIP 3/4 level technical feasibility for the Brentford – Southall Crossrail Shuttle;
  2. Noted the availability of s106 funding for public transport improvements to cover the first stage of the feasibility study to GRIP 3a, being considered separately by the lead member of finance on 19 September 2016 (REG 425 applies);
  3. Authorised the Executive Director of REDe to work with all relevant parties and partners to identify the funding required to complete the study to GRIP 4 level; and
  4. Authorised the Executive Director of REDe, in conjunction with the Procurement team, to progress negotiations on the signing of a Delivery Services Agreement with Network Rail in order to progress the study.

Full details are available here.

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