Changes at Space Waye

spacewayeImminent changes are planned for Hounslow recycling. Space Waye will be closed for refurbishment from 3 October. When re-opened on 5 November it will be available to the public only at weekends. This will result in lengthy queues and a consequent increase in fly-tipping. For details go to

One thought on “Changes at Space Waye

  1. I recently received comment from an Osterley resident commenting on now paying for garden waste collection and the closure of Hounslow’s own civic amenity site, Space Waye. Excluding niceties and banter, this is the response sent:

    “Unfortunately, the council continues to respond to the impact of a reduction of government grant since 2010, by 2018 it will have halved and at the same time Landfill Tax is rising year on year.

    From the end of next month (October 2016), Hounslow’s waste and recycling service will be taken on by a new in house organisation backed up with a modern recycling processing facility on Southall Lane, under construction. The council’s civic amenity site will initially close for a month so that it can be reconfigured to temporarily accommodate the recycling service until Southall Lane is ready. From 5 November 2016, Space Waye will be open at weekends for its usual service.

    Close to where we live in Isleworth, Ealing’s Greenford and Acton sites are convenient as is Richmond Council’s Mortlake; when I need to, I always use one of the first two. More information can be found here:

    On value for money, the temporary arrangements negate the need to buy in recycling depot facilities, say, from Grundon at Colnbrook or Suez at Hanworth. When Southall Lane opens next year, it will be offering services to other public and private sector customers; income for Hounslow to spend on services and a response to the imbalance of austerity cuts to our community.” TL 28.9.2016


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