Local News (from our latest e-newsletter)

Gillette South Development

Following an exhibition earlier in the year about this development, a useful public meeting was held at the Grasshoppers Club on 4 December to discuss the forthcoming application to develop the old Shell Garage site at Gillette Corner. The developers explained the reasoning behind the ​revised design for the proposed building (which will be part storage facility and part offices) and the transport implications were the application to be approved.  ​It was good to see that a number of changes reflecting comments from both OWGRA and Councillors have been incorporated. Around 40 people attended the meeting which was chaired by Councillor Tony Louki.  After the presentations there was a Q&A session ​which clarified some issues and highlighted others as needing further discussion. 


The links below are to our response documents on the 2 proposed Conservation Area Appraisals (CAA) from the Council. Two of these response documents (one for each CA) have been developed by Sheila O’Reilly (OWGRA Planning Officer) and reviewed by Laurence Hawcroft (OWGRA Vice-Chairman) and will be the official OWGRA responses. The third, for the Spring Grove CA, has been developed by David Pavett (OWGRA Webmaster) and Gina Richards (OWGRA member), and will be submitted in their name with a statement that it is endorsed by OWGRA. Our summary view is that we strongly support the Council’s consultation documents, which are a substantial improvement on what was in place before and will significantly improve our ability to protect the essential character of our area from inappropriate development.

 You can also respond yourself individually to the consultation by the closing date of 10 December.

Front covers of the Conservation Area Assessment drafts

Here are the links to the relevant documents:

Spring Grove

(1) Council consultation document (60 MB). (2) OWGRA response. (3) OWGRA approved response.


(1) Council consultation document (39 MB). (2) OWGRA response.

Please note that the Osterley Park CAA includes a proposal to extend it to include Thornbury Road (between Osterley Ave and the Great West Road), St Mary’s Crescent, Ridgeway Road North, Lingwood Gardens,Great West Road (northern side between Thornbury Road and the Osterley Park Hotel), Leigham Drive, Wood Lane (north), the Wyke Estate (Braybourne Drive, Stags Way, Wyke Close, Crowntree Close),Syon Lane (from MacFarlane Lane up to Wyke Green Golf Club), Gower Road, Oaklands Ave and Goals Football Club, so residents living inthat area may wish to study the proposals in detail.


Wementioned this great initiative in our last e-newsletter aboutdonating new toys (or money for new toys) for disadvantaged childrenin Hounslow for Christmas. Their website is now up and running www.thatsawrap.org.uk, so please contribute and be generous if you can, and/or get involved.


 We’ve had a number of local residents falling (or almost falling) victim toscams since our last e-newsletter. Often, it’s bogus tradesmen conning residents into thinking they need urgent work doing on theirhouse and relieving them of thousands of pounds there and then, and then disappearing. Never agree to having any work done immediately,get a second opinion or talk to someone (eg your neighbours) about it first. See the attached leaflet for more information.


Our local Neighbourhood Watch team is trying to set up a database of who has CCTV cameras around their property in the area to help the police. At the moment, if there is a crime, the police have to go looking around the area of the incident for CCTV cameras and then try and contact the householder(s) to see if any relevant footage has been captured. If they knew where the cameras were, this could speed up the whole process. So, if you have set up CCTV outside your house,and are happy for the police to contact you when needed to review footage, can you please let us know and we will forward that information to the NW team.


Intelligence from the community is vital for the police to investigate properties that may be used for cannabis farms, and we (unfortunately) do have them in our area. Attached is a leaflet that will explain how you can tell if there’s a cannabis farm near you and what to do if you do think there is one.


Here’s a useful link about preventing car crimehttps://www.met.police.uk/cp/crimeprevention/theft-from-a-vehicle/vehicle-safe-and-sound/.


The BBC is running a consultation on whether to change the current free access to BBC TV that is offered to the over-75s. The government currently funds this concession but that will stop in 2020 when the BBC would be expected to fund it; the BBC estimates it would cost£745 mn, which is a fifth of the total BBC budget. For more information see


and go here to the consultation: https://www.bbc.com/yoursay

The consultation ends on 12 February.