Bus Network

Within our area there are a reasonable number of buses provided by TfL.

Bus route maps are provided by TfL here (https://tfl.gov.uk/maps/bus ). The easiest way of understanding where local buses go is by looking at the “spider maps” for the area on this page (https://tfl.gov.uk/maps_/bus-spider-maps?Query=Hounslow ). The ones that show buses within our area are those for “Isleworth”, “Osterley” and “Syon Lane and Gillette Corner”.

Timetables for buses can be accessed from here (https://tfl.gov.uk/travel-information/timetables/ ) once you have the bus number. To find the timetable

  • Select the bus number from the popup when you click on “buses” on this page (e.g. H91)
  • Confirm which direction you are looking for (button at the top of the next page)
  • Click on the name of the bus stop you will be catching the bus at

and the timetable is displayed. Make sure you are looking at the right one – there are three options in the selection box at the top (Monday-Friday, Saturday or Sunday).

You can also check the live arrival times for a bus, once you know the bus number and bus stop here (https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/buses/live-bus-arrivals ).  Select “check live bus arrival times” under “online and mobile”, select the bus number from the “buses” popup, click on the bus stop and the wait time before the next bus will be shown.