This exhibition will take place over two days at Indian Gymkhana, Thornbury Avenue, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 4NQ, between 2.00 pm and 8.00 pm on Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 December 2018.  For more details follow the link below.


and Councillor Tony Louki’s website:


 The flyer was delivered to about a third of the households in the OWGRA area last weekend, and thank you to local residents for alerting us, as neither OWGRA nor the local Ward Councillors knew anything about it.  We immediately contacted the developer for more information and understand that they plan to submit a planning application ‘in early 2019’ and asked them why they hadn’t been in touch with us at an earlier stage (no satisfactory explanation received).

Below: an image of the proposed development.

We encourage as many OWGRA members and local residents as possible to go along to the exhibition, make your views known to the developer and e-mail us with your reactions.  We will then plan to meet the developer very quickly to feed back the initial reactions.

Further information on the exhibition: https://www.apartmentsforlondon.org/osterleypublicexhibition/

Other News


The final versions of the OWGRA response to the proposed Conservation Area Appraisals from the Council, which we will be by the Monday 10 December deadline, can be found from the following links: (1) Spring Grove, (2) Osterley Park.


Following an exhibition earlier in the year about this development, a useful public meeting was held at the Grasshoppers Club on4 December to discuss the forthcoming application to develop the old Shell Garage site at Gillette Corner. The developers explained the reasoning behind the revised design for the proposed building (which will be part a storage facility and part offices) and the transport implications were the application to be approved. It was good to see that a number of changes reflecting comments from both OWGRA and Councillors have been incorporated. Around 40people attended the meeting which was chaired by Councillor Tony Louki. After the presentations there was a Q&A session which clarified some issues and highlighted others as needing further discussion.  The planning application is expected to be submitted soon, so we will be going through it in great detail, and sending you a draft response.  If you would like to help us with this in any way, please let us know.


There have been various problems caused by late night parties at the hotel in the last month or so, partly as a result of them receiving permission to hold events until 4 am over a few recent Sunday mornings.  On two occasions this resulted in cars being parked illegally nearby, eg on zebra crossings, grass verges, double red lines, and on private drives.  Noise from the music disrupted the sleep of nearby residents, and when the party goers were leaving there was anti-social behaviour with shouting and general disturbance to nearby residents. Afterwards there was a sizable amount of litter (bottles, etc.) scattered around the nearby roads. We have had 2 meetings with the hotel management, including our local Councillors and the new Licensing Enforcement Officer from the Council.  We have felt that our concerns were not being taken seriously over the last 18 months, but we are hopeful that after the most recent meeting last week that things should improve.  There will not be any more parties until 4 am, and the music should not be heard outside of the hotel.  We really do want the hotel to be a going concern, that is used by local residents,but not at the expense of local residents, and hope that the hotel management(who are all relatively new, as the previous management are no longer involved)will listen and start to smarten up the premises and abide by their licensing conditions.  If you experience any problems though, do let us know and we will ensure that action is taken.  Also, if you are looking for a venue for an event/party do consider this venue.


Wonderful news that the appeal lodged  by Northumberland Estates against the refusal by the Council to approve the development of flats on the Park Road allotments and move the allotments to Syon Park has been dismissed.  We congratulate our colleagues in The Isleworth Society for all the hard work they put in towards achieving this great result.  You can see two reports on this matter HERE and HERE. And a full report can be obtained HERE.


Our local resident, Saba Hassan, is getting a terrific response to the request for new toys for disadvantaged children in Hounslow for Christmas.  The target is 2,000 toys, and more than 1,000 toys have already been donated.  So, more toys are needed and there’s less than 2 weeks to go.  Saba has asked to pass this message on to local residents: “Also we would love to have them attend the event to help us wrap presents as it’s all about coming together to support each other as a community. The Mayor is supposed to be attending and will be giving a brief speech which is exciting too!” So, if you haven’t donated yet or would like to make a monetary donation or come and help wrap presents next Saturday, go to www.thatsawrap.org.uk.


Two fun events coming up at Thistleworth Tennis Club (in Ridgeway Road North).

Traditional Xmas lunch followed by surprise entertainment, Sunday 16 December, bar opens at 12 noon, lunch served at 1 pm.  Members £15, guests £18.  Booking in advance essential. 

New Year’s Eve Extravaganza, Monday 31 December, bar opens at 7 pm, fantastic 4 course buffet at 8 pm, THE AMAZING ELVIS from 9.30 pm. Members £40, guests £45.  Booking in advance essential. 

If you are interested in either or both of these events, you must book in advance by e-mailing Stephanie@thistleworth.net

CHRISTMAS CONCERT, St Mary’s Church, Mon 17 Dec, 7 pm

Get in to the Christmas spirit by coming along to St Mary’s Church, Osterley Road, on Monday 17 Dec at 7 pm for Isleworth & Syon School for Boys Christmas Concert.  See https://www.isleworthsyon.org/2018/12/christmas2018/?fbclid=IwAR0vtrb5EZupNXjePEK-sr2pii6-MSTyCmfNIKkc4lMGv56MNxJPyfXCEEA


We received this concerning notification from Hounslow Council and ask you to keep your eyes and ears open.

“Dear Colleagues

Our partners at the Metropolitan Police Service have informed me of a new very worrying trend in the borough affecting some of our most vulnerable residents.

Some unsavoury individuals are painting or sticking markings on carriageways outside vulnerable residents’ properties.  These markings indicate to other individuals of the vulnerable person.  These vulnerable residents are unfortunately beingexploited and abused physically, sexually and financially, and this mark is the ‘target’ placed for identification that there is someone here who can be exploited or abused.

One of the markings is shown in the below pictures taken from Clifden Road,Brentford.  Another marking that has been noted is of a solid circle within a diamond or square.  There are a few different markings that the Police are verifying.  As soon as they confirm they will let me know and I will in turn inform you all again.

May I ask you please to forward this on to your teams, other service areas and contractors as appropriate and for them to keep an eye out when they are out and about around the borough.  If any are found, please report it to Hounslow Highways who will remove the markings as soon as possible.”

For more advice on crime prevention go to https://www.met.police.uk/cp/crime-prevention/.


We have heard of a number of car and van break-ins in the area in the last few weeks. In all of them the front side windows were smashed to gain access to the vehicle. To avoid being the victim of such a crime, please ensure when you leave your vehicle that there is nothing left on display that could attract the attention of a would-be thief; no electrical goods, such as mobile phones or satnavs; no bags such as handbags or shopping bags that might contain something of value; no boxes that might contain something.  Even if it is just an empty shopping bag, the thief does not know it is empty.  It only takes a thief a few seconds to smash the window, open the door and take whatever they see and vanish.  It will take you rather longer, and cost you quite a bit, to replace your car window.Also, if you have CCTV cameras on your home, try and park such that your car is clearly in view of them.

Also, please be careful when you park in Tesco Osterley, as they have recently informed us of the following:

“We have had two types of crime occurring in the car park, firstly two car side door windows have been smashed, secondly the car park is being targeted by an organised gang who lift a car remove the entire exhaust pipe from the manifold. This has happened on three separate occasions during broad daylight. They are very aggressive, and the whole process takes a matter of minutes. The police are involved in both incidents.”

So be alert, and stay safe.